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Stuck@Home Marriage Date and Family Ideas

Just because we are staying home together doesn't mean our marriages and families are growing closer. In fact, it's a challenge to find time and space for a date night on top of everything else going on in our homes right now.


That’s why we have created the Stuck@Home Marriage Dates and Family Ideas tool. We encourage you to leverage it along with the other digital tools available on to help drive faith home over the next few weeks. The best part is, these tools are all fully available anytime, anywhere, from any device for easy access while you're stuck at home.


Simply go to to gain access to:


  • Stuck@Home Marriage Dates – Great ideas for couples to draw closer to one another.


We're also including some of our most popular tools to help parents with family discipleship in the midst of Zoom calls and school lessons and even ways grandparents can still be intentional from a distance:


  • Stuck@Home Parenting – Fun and easy ways parents can engage their children and teens at home with…

    • Parent/Teen Movie Chats

    • Mealtime Conversations

    • Bedtime Blessings

    • Family Time Activities

  • My Faith Path – Age-specific strategies for parents to shape the faith of their children.

  • Intentional Grand-parenting – Creative ideas for grandparents to engage and invest in the next generation.



Remember, you also have access to all the family discipleship tools available including Pointers, Idea Cards, My Life@Home Plan, Initiatives, and Faith Path resources at Be sure to take advantage of this unique opportunity to invest in your marriage and family while you are home.


We are praying for you and your families during these difficult days.  



Your Pastors, Staff and NewLife Church Family.

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