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Inspire faith in the next generation. 

Advice and ideas to help you build a
God-honoring family


Intentionality Tools


Family Foward

What do you look forward to for your family? Do you have a vision and values for your home? Vision is a clear plan for the future with imagination and wisdom. When we look forward for our family, it helps give us a vision to move toward. Family Values can help guide your decisions as you begin to choose what is best, rather than what is good. As we seek to follow Jesus, we can look to God’s Word to give us direction for our vision and values. 

Best Summer Ever

Don’t let the summer slip away. Make this year an intentional time your family will never forget. This summer will be full of bucket lists, family serving opportunities and summer camps for the kids. Make this the Best Summer Ever.   




Even if you can't leave home, summer is a great time to connect as a family in fresh ways. Try one or more of the simple, fun ideas described in this course.




Technology brings many benefits to our lives. But excessive screen time can create a flat, one-dimensional existence. Replace negative technology habits with healthy patterns by connecting 3D.




Prayer is simply a conversation with God. It is a way we communicate, worship, praise, and know our Heavenly Father. It is our dependence on the One who holds all things together. Individual prayer is powerful, but Scripture tells us there is a supernatural dynamic when we pray with others.

The 9: Bearing Fruit@Home

The fruit of the Spirit grows out of an abiding relationship with Jesus Christ. Fruit is produced in us not by us. But we have a part to play by submitting ourselves to God and inviting Him to nurture His character in us.


Tell The Story

We all share good news with others, whether it is about a new job, a great vacation or what Jesus Christ has done for us. Share the Good News by telling His story through one verse evangelism and telling your story by creating a personal story of faith.


Word 511

The Bible is your family’s most reliable spiritual road map given by God to guide us. But it must become more than a symbol or a relic. It must become part of the everyday fabric of our lives.


Faith Path

NewLife Church believes that God designed the family as the primary place for discipleship. The FAITH PATH initiative exists to partner with you as you guide your child’s faith journey one step at a time. Take advantage of the following links to begin the process in your family. 




One of the simplest and most effective ways to instill strong faith and values in your children is to eat together. Studies confirm that kids and teens that eat frequent meals with their parents do better in school and avoid risky behaviors such as drinking, drugs and promiscuity. Enhance your family table routine during the next 120 days.


My Faith Box

A new resource for parents to guide their child’s faith journey and capture spiritual growth keepsakes. MY FAITH BOX includes a MY FAITH BOX and MY FAITH BOOK. Ideal to help you create an age-specific plan on each birthday and capture memories from special milestones; while giving you resources and ideas for how to be intentional in helping your child know, love and follow Jesus.



Discussing faith themes found in popular films can be a great spiritual formation activity for parents with their teens, during couple date nights or as an activity with friends. Take advantage of these tools to get started.



The Blessing@Home

Give a gift to your family the Bible calls The Blessing. There are five basic elements that, combined, have tremendous impact in affirming your loved one’s value.


7•5•2 Prayer Initiative

Join others who are making a new commitment to pray with and for their families.


Family Life

A branch of Cru Ministry with the purpose of creating content and experiences to help families grow together and impact their corner of the world 


New Year's Eve

A new year represents new beginnings. Be sure to include one of these ideas in your New Year's Eve celebration plans. 


Mother's Day

Take time to celebrate your mother and other special moms God has placed in your life.


Father's Day

Take time to celebrate and honor the special men in your life who also go by the name Dad.


Valentine's Day

It's not all about chocolates and foil ballons. Most scholars agree the real story of St. Valentine is about a person martyred for his Christian beliefs. Use this tool kit to learn about and celebrate God's love.



It's the most significant holiday of the Christian faith. Easter is the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. These ideas will help your family trace Jesus' steps during the most holy of weeks.



While most dress up as gools and gobblins, we want to offer you some lessons and ideas on how to shine the light of Jesus on a holiday that emphasizes darkness.



How can you make this holiday about more than just turkey and football? We have a few ideas that may help you express your gratitude for God's many blessings.




Christmas is one of the most anticapted holidays of the year by children and adults alike. Let's make it extra special by being intentional about celebrating the greatest gift ever - Jesus Christ.

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